Range Rules

The following outlines the basic requirements of safety and range use protocols in place at the WCTC as ordered by the WCTC Committee.


All visitors are to follow instructions (s) of the Duty Manager, without question, where safety-related issues are apparent. Failure to comply with Duty Manger requests will result in that individual(s) being asked to leave the grounds. Any such incident will be reported to the Committee for further investigation.

  • All Shotguns are to be carried open and unloaded as visitors move about the grounds, with barrels pointed in a safe direction.
  • All Semi-automatics are to be carried unloaded with the action open, with the barrel pointed in a safe direction. When on the mark no more than two shells can be loaded into a semi-automatic at one time and must be fully unloaded between turns.
  • No slings are permitted.
  • Only lead shot sizes 7 and higher (8 & 9) are permitted.
  • Only shotguns are permitted to be used in the appropriate locations on the grounds. No other firearms are to be discharged on the grounds.
  • It is the WCTC expectation your equipment will be in good condition, safe to use, and reliable.
  • When not in use it is the owner’s responsibility to secure firearms and ammunition in vehicles.
  • You may not handle another shotgun without the permission of the owner.
  • Attire – it is the expectation of the club that clothing is appropriate and will not have offensive wording displayed and footwear must be of a type that is fully covered in – no jandals, sandals, etc.
  • Visitors are strictly forbidden to shoot at any live game on the grounds.
  • Eye and ear protection must be worn whether competing, marking, or scoring!
  • No visitor may continue to shoot after consuming any quantity of alcohol or be under the impairment of other substances which may include prescribed medicines.
  • Should you need to move forward of the mark to repair/reload a trap all guns must be unloaded prior which may include others from surrounding fields.
  • Unlicenced shooters are only to shoot under the direct supervision of licensed shooters.

Discipline Specific

Sporting, Skeet

  • Shotguns can only be loaded when you are on “the mark” ie your turn to shoot
  • When on the mark barrels must be pointed forward at all times
  • You must unload before you turn to leave the mark
  • All shotguns must remain fully unloaded between turns

5 Stand, DTL, Ball Trap, Trench, Double Trap, Minis

  • Break type shotguns may be loaded but remain open on the mark until it’s your turn to shoot then the shotgun may be closed and fired
  • Semi-automatics can only be loaded (2 shells) when it’s your turn to shoot and must be fully unloaded immediately after shooting
  • When on the mark barrels must be pointed forward at all times
  • When moving from mark 5 to mark 1 all shotguns are to be fully unloaded prior to leaving mark 5

These protocols may be amended without notice it is the visitor’s responsibility to be aware of the ground rules

By entering the grounds you accept these protocols and further, you enter at your own risk