Online Entry to North Island DTL



Entry to the North Island DTL event will be completed via My My Clubs My Scores (MCMS) which is an internet-based program. It has a companion app that can be downloaded to your mobile device, which allows you to nominate for shoots. The app will also allow you to follow scores from the shoot in real time.

To download the app click here and then select the app store option appropriate for your device.

Once you have downloaded the app you will see all the shoots that are currently being run using the MCMS system in both Australia and New Zealand. To limit the output to New Zealand shoots only click on “Organisations” and select “NZCTA”. To see historical shoots click on “In Progress” and select “Completed”.

To nominate for the North Island Championship:

  • Open the app and click on “$ Self” and then scroll down to 26 January 2024 (or filter to NZCTA)
  • Click on the shoot name to open it
  • Click on Self-Nominate and then “Select a Membership”
  • If you have previously registered (instructions here), select your number otherwise, select Manual entry and enter your NZCTA membership number
  • You can then select the events and optional sweeps you would like to nominate for
  • On the next screen, you can provide information to the administrator of the shoot if there are others you would like to shoot with in a squad (instructions here)
  • After that you can choose whether you want to pay the full nomination amount (preferred option for the club) by credit card (there is a processing fee) or only pay the self-nomination fee and transfer the funds to the club manually by bank transfer

If you choose to pay by credit card the club will review your nomination and once approved you will receive a receipt by email. If you choose the direct debit option, please transfer the money as soon as possible and include your member number as the reference (bank account details for the transfer will be in the email receipt you receive for your self-nomination).

Should you pre-nominate and not be able to attend the shoot your nomination cost will be refunded in full (except for the self-nomination and credit card fees).